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Thread: A golfing dilemna....

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    A golfing dilemna....

    Alright, this is the dilemma:

    You're playing in the finals of the club championship. It's match play. You're tied with your opponent going into 18. You tee it up, straight down the middle 270yds. He slices it into the woods on the right. You help him while he looks for his ball for about 10 mins and then he says, "I'll keep looking while you go hit your ball. If I don't find it by the time you've hit...I'll go back and re-tee." So, you go out and hit your ball about 10 ft from the pin. But, just as your ball is reaching the green, you hear, "I found it!!" And, see his ball fly out of the woods and onto the green and come to rest about 5 inches from the hole.

    So, here's the dilemma....Do you take the cheating bastard's lost ball out of your pocket and call him on it, or just keep your mouth shut?

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    ^^^lol...good shit!
    A woman won The Nobel Peace Prize? Must have been a pretty good sandwich.

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