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Thread: Remember the teenage driver ??

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    Remember the teenage driver ??

    Remember Preawa ?? The 'na Uyathaya' who at 16 killed a whole mini buss load of people and got gifted a suspended sentence with some light community service ??

    Killer driver 'breaching court order' | Bangkok Post: news

    Another source at the Justice Ministry said the court intended for Ms Orachorn to perform community service by looking after hospital patients to make her understand the consequences of road accidents.

    But there were no reports of her performing the assigned community service. The only record was that Ms Orachorn had donated blood, which was allowed to be translated into six hours of community service, the source said.

    Probation Department officials are not allowed to ask hospitals to issue a certificate for community service hours, the source said. Ms Orachorn claimed that she did community service at Phramongkutklao Hospital because the hospital belongs to the army and has tight security, the source added.

    According to a source at the probation office in Nonthaburi where Ms Orachorn is required to report every three months, Ms Orachorn has not performed any community service over the past three years, saying she was "busy" with her studies. Probation authorities tried to be lenient towards her, the source added.

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    She was eventually sentenced to two years in prison, suspended for four years. As a condition of her release she was ordered to perform 48 hours of community service each year for four years.

    Please credit and share this article with others using this link:Killer driver 'breaching court order' | Bangkok Post: news. View our policies at Bangkok Post: Terms and conditions of use and Bangkok Post: Republishing policy. Post Publishing PCL. All rights reserved.
    Less than one hour per week of "community service" for four years?

    And she's too busy to fulfill that agreement!

    Selfish, spoiled little shit!

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