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Push for amnesty has ended: PM The Nation / Phuket GazettePHUKET: As opposition rises and protests spread to key areas of capital, govt withdraws all six draft bills from the house

The embattled Pheu Thai government yesterday yielded further to the spreading public outrage over the bill for blanket amnesty by withdrawing all draft amnesty bills from the legislature, except the one to be debated by the Senate today.

The move came after many groups of people staged protests at different locations in Bangkok, some even moving into the area where the Internal Security Act (ISA) has been imposed by the Cabinet and some even calling on the government to "get out".

The Network of Students and People for Thailand's Reform, which yesterday moved their protest closer to Government House, now plan to campaign for the Yingluck government's ouster, according to group leader Uthai Yodmanee.