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Thread: Phuket tuk-tuk blockade ousts Patong Police superintendent

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    Post Phuket tuk-tuk blockade ousts Patong Police superintendent

    PHUKET: A 200-strong tuk-tuk blockade last night ended with Phuket’s top cop agreeing to meet the drivers’ demands, which included transferring the Patong Police superintendent.

    The blockade formed after four tuk-tuk drivers were arrested yesterday afternoon for not allowing green plate taxi drivers to use public parking spots on Thaweewong Road, said Sakol Srisompoch, president of the Patong tuk-tuk drivers club.

    “I think those four drivers did the right thing by reserving public parking for the people.


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    “I told them to open the road first, and then we would consider their suggestions. The tuk-tuk drivers relocated to Patong Police Station and closed it down instead,” Col Sakchai said.

    At 6am, Phuket Provincial Police Commander Ong-art Phiwruangnont arrived at the station, and by 8am, police had agreed to all the tuk-tuk drivers’ demands.

    My god, a mob closes down a police station, so their demands are met? What a fcked up country.

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