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Thread: Asian Beauty standards...

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    Asian Beauty standards...

    Funny isnt it..

    Phuket native headed to Miss Universe Thailand 2015 final

    Pale skin, prominent nose, and your a 'beauty queen'..

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    Mar 2013
    UK & Khon Kaen
    Doesn't look remotely Thai

    Plastic surgery, western blood, both and a ladyboy looks LOL
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    But what's funny is I have taken on their tastes by being around so many Asians now in Vancouver.

    I am much more attracted to pale skinned Asians than the darker SEA girls

    The Koreans especially, but pale skinned Japanese and Chinese also
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    I still like both the dark and the light... personality and chemistry are the 2 big things for me... there's cute gals falling from the trees over here. They're everywhere. What separates one from another for me is personality...
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