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Thread: Bangkok Meteor..

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    Bangkok Meteor..

    Ohh off for a lottery ticket today then

    Or is this 7 years bad luck for rejecting the charter ??

    Do you see those above if not logged into Thaivisa ??

    Skip to 30 secs..

    Wonder if it really is a meteor or space junk ???
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    Don't see any smoke or anything so it doesn't seem like a hard impact or anything big, so maybe just debris/junk?

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    Bang Tao
    They do make some pretty big fireworks here 5555

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    Quote Originally Posted by LivinLOS View Post

    Wonder if it really is a meteor or space junk ???
    From Bangkok Post :

    However, information on the website suggested the flaming object was space debris falling back to earth.
    Space junk flock 1B-11, object number 40459U was due to burn through the atmosphere on its way to earth about that time, according to the website. SATVIEW - FLOCK 1B-11 - Norad 40459U - Tracking satellites and Spacejunk in Real time
    Fireball hurtles over Thailand | Bangkok Post: news

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