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Thread: Phuket's Secret Nightlife After Midnight

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    Phuket's Secret Nightlife After Midnight

    HAHA THIS TAKE THE CAKE,Breaking news

    By Phuketwan Reporters
    Sunday, July 14, 2013
    PHUKET: It's happy hour time in Patong, when anything goes on the famous tourist walking street, Soi Bangla.

    The appearance of a man walking alone triggers an instant response any time after 1am. It is, after all, low season when work is scarce for some.

    Two women approach the man.

    A Phuketwan reporter is close enough to hear the conversation.

    The woman in the blue shorts spies the camera and gives the reporter the finger, behind the back of the man.

    Three more women join the group, all touching the man, smiling broadly, making him an offer.

    Five women, total price 5000 baht. Yes, it's Happy Hour all right. A discount, for as much as you can handle.

    Later we learn that some bars stay open until 3.30am, especially those where guests have purchased drinks before 2am.

    Elsewhere in the street, bar workers are emerging to greet friends. Flower sellers and animal photo touts are talking and winding down.

    At this time of the night, it's possible to have your photo taken with an iguana on one arm and a slow loris on the other, at a discount price.

    One by one, the women leave the man's side to seek other options. Five, four, three . . . two. And then the man walks off, with a woman on each arm.

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    Wow, that was braking news 555555 (that he didn't bring all 5 women)
    A blowjob is better than no job!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by geir View Post
    Wow, that was braking news 555555 (that he didn't bring all 5 women)
    I am getting old now, I find that more than 3 is a waste
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    Yeah saw that a while back.. Slow news day obviously.

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    Did they leave the part out about him going to pay the 2 girls later?

    His wallet was missing.....

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