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Thread: Well thats my second motherboard this year blown!!

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    Angry Well thats my second motherboard this year blown!!

    Lasted me about 6 months this time.. actually i think got more trouble after i got a UPS.
    I bought a High-end Gaming PC a couple of years ago, and decided to treat it with a UPS. Endless problems. (My old computer lasted six or seven years and it was always plugged direct to the net)

    I have noticed the same trend at work. We have large commercial type UPSs. Dosent make any difference. Stuff fail all the time. Whats your experience regarding this?

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    UPS will have a backup system but may not have the surge protection also.. Not all do anyway..

    I also seem to be cursed when it comes to shit blowing up.. Expensive coffee machine went a few months ago.. LG TV.. Computers galore.. Not so bad up here on a moobaan as it was on Phukets over strained grid..

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