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Thread: Patong getting some heavy rain.

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    Patong getting some heavy rain.

    Phuket is getting some heavy wind and showers this afternoon.
    A few tiles lifted on our building.

    Still nice and warm if very wet.
    Seems a lot less people around Phuket than is usual this time of year.

    Went down to Chalong yesterday and even with the works on the Chalong underpass, traffic was no problem.
    They are demolishing buildings on the north side of the circle so it looks like it could be a good improvement.

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    Sorry to say... but just loving it 555. Hunkering down in front of the computer getting some work done with a blanket over my knees and the dog warming my ankles. We do still get the occasional black-outs in Kamala, but nothing like 10 years ago. Whenever it started raining like this, it was time to light the candles and pick up an analog book. Kind of miss that in a weird way. Time moves differently when electricity is not involved. (Favorite quote of the day: Time: Nature's way of keeping everything from happening all at once...)

    Looking at our electrical cables I'm still surprised every day electricity reaches my home. Was driving just underneath this TOT worker a few years ago when he was shocked... and the spaghetti wiring probably saved his life...

    Electric shock puts Phuket TOT worker in hospital
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    i use to blow out on the fire flies fluttering around in the garden of where i lived in Patong 10 years ago when the lights went out....regularly. total darkness.
    would never have seen them that way otherwise.

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    I'll be in Phuket in a few weeks (mid July) for the first time in about 5 years. Really looking forward to it but I do remember that my previous visit in July the weather was kinda rough!

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    Overcast and on/off rain today, rained hard last night (about 9pm) and then mostly drizzled all evening long -- but there were a few good days this past week and the sun does come out from time to time!

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    The lake out the back of mine that seasonal drops was almost dry this time last year, now it is almost at capacity. It's been a wet year.

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