Spotted an article in PhuketWan :

Phuket Expat Volunteers Restrain Patong Iguana Tout, Asked to Pay Pepper Spray Bill

PHUKET: Phuket expat volunteers were forced to use pepper spray in self-defence to subdue an iguana tout in Patong on Friday night.

The incident, in which two volunteers were involved, has touched off a debate about the rights of volunteer police working in and around Patong's most popular tourist area, Soi Bangla.

Phuketwan has learned that the volunteers involved would like the tout arrested and have so far resisted suggestions that the volunteer who was forced to use the pepper spray should pay for the tout's hospital treatment.
Whilst this may open up debate about how far "volunteers" can go , no power of arrest but use of 'weapons' , it reminded me of another story I read this week.

This one is from the U.S , from the picture below can you guess who got compensation after this pepper spray incident ?

UC Davis pepper spray police officer awarded $38,000 compensation | World news |