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Thread: Koh Phayam update

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    Koh Phayam update

    As things are slowing down on the island I finally got the time to sit down and get my head sorted. It's been a crazy busy season on the island. All the resorts have been fully booked for at least 3 months and up to 2 hundred people been sleeping on the beach or at the temple during Christmas/New Year.
    People with big money are coming from Samui and Koh Tao to invest. They bought big land plots in/around the village building "market" kinds of shops and bungalows. Nice resorts are popping up in the hills with restaurants with fantastic view.
    So I guess for people that want to see the "real island" they don't have many years left before my little paradise is gone.
    It's still a lot of German tourists, but the Swedes are also arriving in big numbers. The Russians are starting to arrive as well, but luckily not in big groups. No Asians except from loads of Thais and a few Burmese are visiting the island.

    For me personally it's been the busiest season ever, but at the same time a bit sad to see things are changing so fast. The changes the last 8 months is massive compare to what happened the previous 5 years. I guess it will make it easier to sell my place for a good price and move on.

    Anyway, it was just a small update for those of you that are interested or have visited the island.

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    nice update was really only a matter of time before KP got really "discovered" has had loads of press around the world and is now well entrenched in the backpacker and more adventurous travellers venacular...just word of mouth here on Samui I hear it get mentioned more often..every time I hear about it from someone I always ask if they mean Koh Phagnan and mostly before they would smile and say yes...but now its more often a look of disdain and a "no...Koh Phayam...haven't you been there" kind of a reply 555

    Frankly I wouldn't want to be there in HS going on what you have just reported...sounds glad to have had those few trips with you, Sef and the others (and your weding party) back in the early days..sounds like there is no turning it around now
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    This just popped up on Twitter...starting 25 oct supposedly

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    ^ There have been similar flights started (and stopped) was a stop on the way to/from HKT...let's hope this one lasts

    BTW..time for a new update must be readying yourself for HS round about now?

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