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Thread: Small Indonesia earthquake felt in Phuket?

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    Small Indonesia earthquake felt in Phuket?

    Phuket feels Sumatra earthquake today - Thai PBS English News

    Didn't notice anything in Patong, which I'd expect being on the west coast.

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    Noticing a tremor depends where you are when it hits, and how hungover you are or what you're up to!. There was one in Bangkok earlier this year and I never felt a thing but people who were in high-rise buildings felt a sway.

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    There were some posts of Facebook this morning from people who felt it, at least one in Patong. I was out on the scooter when it struck, so felt nowt.

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    It rattled my ground floor windows in Kamala for about 15 seconds just before I was going to get up but didn't move the bed - damnit.
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