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I think this is a good excuse to stop back to back (or near back to back) 30's with no visas. I suspect they will push that agenda and point to multiple entry tourist visa. Anyway just my guess

I can see the oil guys are going to have to go to a consulate or embassy somewhere to get their Tourist M visa, then can come back and forward as they please without the worry of will they let me in or not

I could fit into the same category e.g. I qualify for Non O but just as easy to take Tourist M on the basis of back and forward multiple times

It was a few trips ago now but immigration guy at Swampy counted my stamps and started to give me a bit of grief over multiple entries (Lightened up when he realized the TG ahead of me was the wife)....it reminded me there was some rule brought in a while back about the number of Tourist entries in a given period - I think I was just on the threshold at that time, hence the grief.

I think I might actually be (soon) in the small subset this Visa will suit.