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Thread: 90 day reporting and spouse visa query

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    90 day reporting and spouse visa query

    Just wondering about something.
    I got a 90 day non O back in December then in February applied for spouse visa.
    When I applied for spouse visa they stamped my passport for an extra month on top of the 3 month as I was told that my application wouldn't be sorted until 18 April.
    Now it's just occurred to me that as I was there in immigration and told not to come back until the 18th I never went in to do the 90 day reporting.
    Was I supposed to and am I now in trouble?

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    Sounds ok to me since you got 1 month extension....The 90 day report is when you get your 1 year visa (extension).
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    90 days should start from the last that one in Feb...point it out if they have any issues and tell them you thought you were doing a 90 day report at the same time...I doubt they will raise it though...they will probably go straight to that stamp and see that you were there in the office for that one when making your application

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    Usually the Immigration Officer will print out a piece of paper that tells you the deadline for when you have to do a 90 day report and every time you do your 90 day report they print out a new form with the next reporting due date and staple it into your passport. As long as you are not over the 7 day grace period past the report due date you won't get fined. The fine should be about 2000 baht if you end up being over (the grace period).

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