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Thread: Patong Immigration Office

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    Patong Immigration Office

    Was on the beach road in Patong today and stopped by the newly renovated immigration office and learned that they will re-open on Thursday June 13...I didn't get all the details on what they will or will not do but they will do 90 day check ins

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    That's finally a good thing :-) Was really handy with that office back when I was living there.

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    From today's Gazette :

    Long-awaited Patong Phuket Immigration office to re-open Thursday

    PHUKET: The Patong Immigration office, scheduled to re-open almost a year and a half ago , will open on Thursday, and provide limited immigration services in addition to general immigration information.

    The office, located on Thaweewong Road next to the Patong Tourist Police Volunteers office , will provide 90-day resident reporting services. In addition, hotels will be able to file their daily foreign guest reports at the office.
    Phuket NEWS: Long-awaited Patong Phuket Immigration office to re-o

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    Up and running quite efficiently, used it a couple of weeks back for a couple of tourist visa extensions. In and out in ten minutes, and they provided the photos we'd forgotten for 200 baht/per on the spot. Saved us a minimum of a half a day and a trip to Phuket town. I've spent longer waiting for service at Burger K**g.

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